Updated: Nov 12, 2018

It's a Sunday night, and the weekend bliss is coming to an end. A familiar feeling of uneasiness starts to creep up. Thoughts about the upcoming week's challenges are weighing you down. Tomorrow is Monday...

Sound familiar? Don't worry, you're not alone. This phenomenon, called "Sunday Scaries", is experienced by 76% of Americans!*

If you also belong to this group, then check out our favorite tricks to beating the Sunday Scaries. After all, who wants to waste their Sunday night feeling anxious?


Psychiatric research indicates that meditation or a mindfulness practice can help reduce anxiety, depression, chronic pain and improve immune function. Block out 15-30 minutes for some me-time this Sunday night and listen to a guided meditation for relaxation. You can also simply focus on your breath and try to quiet your mind. To get into the groove, set the scene! Prepare your room by lighting your favorite scented candle, ideally one that promotes relaxation, such as this Sage Soy Candle from Brighter Days.

2. Do some yoga or stretching

Aside from mediation, stretching is another great way to help relieve feelings of anxiety. Yoga in particular, can help ease tension in your body, and make you feel grounded and present. Sign up to attend a weekend yoga class or just follow an instructional video on YouTube! Focusing on being present in your body will instantly stop your mind from racing.

3. Organize your space

Although cleaning might be the last thing you want to be doing on a weekend, it could actually help beat the Sunday Scaries. Andrew Weil, an American celebrity doctor, suggested that getting organized is a good way to clear your mind. Having your space in order helps to start your week off on the right foot and prevents you from feeling cluttered or overwhelmed. Make sure you clean the natural way! Try using this Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner to avoid spreading chemicals in your home when cleaning.

4. Exercise gratitude

The fact is that your mind cannot hold both a positive and a negative thought at the same time. In turn, focusing on positivity and gratitude is the simplest way to drive away anxiety. Take a couple minutes to think about all of the things in your life you can be grateful for. This can be anything from a loving partner, a ride-or-die BFF, or even having a job that allows you to pay your rent! What is it that you currently appreciate? Write it down! This practice is guaranteed to put you into a positive mindset for the new week.

5. Journal

If you just can't stop your mind from focusing on the possibly stressful situations that the week will bring, simply write them out! Sometimes putting things to paper can work wonders in calming our anxiety. Seeing our fears written out takes away their power, as we often realize how irrational they are. You can also try to write down your strategies for managing the upcoming events and staying calm!

PRO TIP: Use an essential oil diffuser!

Need a quick way to overcome your Sunday Scaries? Our pro tip is to use essential oils! Among many, lavender oil is an absolute favorite, because it has incredible calming properties. Pour a couple drops into a diffuser at night as you're winding down and getting ready for bed as it also promotes better sleep!

Equipped in these tips, you no longer have to be scared of the Sunday Scaries! Put them to work and let us know which one was your favorite!

Until next week - Be Well!

*According to a 2015 survey conducted by the job site Monster.com, up to 76% of Americans self-reported having “really bad” Sunday night anxiety.


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