Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Guess what the best interior design trend in 2018 is? Geometric accent tables? Fringed furniture? Statement rugs? No! It’s houseplants!

When scrolling through Instagram, it isn't hard to notice that houseplants are taking over your feed. Among them, Monstera and Sansevieria are considered the most popular two indoor plants. However, houseplants are not just for beautifying your living places or making your apartment "instagrammable", they are also known for improving your overall health, and enhancing your mood too. Why?

Mood Enhancement

Plants can help you feel less stressed and more relaxed - who doesn't need that?

Aside from freshening up the air, houseplants also act as a stress reliever. Recent research reveals that individuals can experience reduced stress, and feel less anxious simply by spending time around indoor plants.

According to Joey Doherty, a certified wellness counselor, the so-called “outdoorphins” contained in the soil works as a natural antidepressant.

It can help boost your mood by releasing cytokines, which can trigger more secretion of serotonin in your brain, making your happier and more relaxed.

Eliminate Harmful Pollutants

Houseplants have been proved to improve the quality of your indoor air. Research conducted by NASA shows that in just 24 hours plants like Peace Lily or English Ivy can remove up to 87% of pollutants commonly found in rugs or paints. Long-term exposure to these harmful substances could possibly lead to chronic headaches or even severe ailments like asthma.

Although most plants stop performing photosynthesis during the night, certain kinds are still taking in carbon dioxide and helping recycle the air. These plants include Orchids, Succulents, and Epiphytic Bromeliads. So, to increase your oxygen levels and sleep better at night, you can consider introducing some greenery into your interior space.

Boost Productivity

A study conducted by Texas A&M University reveals that keeping plants or flowers in the office can substantially improve employees’ memory, creativity, and well-being at work.

Believe it or not, indoor plants (especially those with broad leaves), can sharpen your focus, and boost productivity. They are great to be placed in your study or work spaces, helping you enhance attentiveness. Numerous studies have found that students in the classroom with plants have higher concentration and attendance rates during lectures than those in a room without plants!

Your Turn!

It's pretty amazing what a couple plants can do. This weekend, instead of binge watching Netflix, pay a visit to your local nursery, get some greens, and jazz up your interior spaces! Let us see your new green friends! Take a picture of your house plants and tag us @TheVeganWarehouse! Until next week - BE WELL.


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